Low maintenance summer nails

I rock a bright nail colour as much as the next person. In fact, probably more. But at the moment I am loving the SS13 nude nail trend- so easy, so grown up, and a nice change from a different crazy colour every minute of the day. Plus they match everything. Brill.

For something a little more fun and fruity go for Peach Melba by Barry M- my personal favourite. (far left)

For something a little more low-key try the two in the middle, Nude and Mushroom by Barry M ( are you sensing a pattern here?)

The last three are Peach Melba again and a really really nice Revlon one, called New Nude or something- expensive but worth an investment, I think it is the ultimate nude. It stays, has great shine and looks really grown up and sophisticated. The last on the far right is Barry M’s multi purpose Base and Top coat which I like to use everytime I paint my nails, it makes them last ten times longer and with twice the shine! At the moment I’m pretty sure Barry M is buy two get a pound off or something in Boots so I’d hit that up.

K Brill, hope you enjoyed, have fun with these nails, as I will before I head back to a bright in a few days!

Lots of love



First and foremost- Happy New Year Gentleviewers!

This post today- first for a long time I know- aims to discuss the topic of investing in longterm worthwhile pieces of clothing/ beauty buys that will really last and endure, whilst hopefully not stretching the student budget to the extreme. (Plus with January Sales ; this is the best time to shop, Christmas money and all.)

leather jacket2The first thing I want to put forward is the leather jacket. Leather is everywhere for SS13, and whereas I don’t think I’m quite ready for the leather trouser/skirt look, I love a good leather jacket. And after some extensive shopping around I’ve decided the most worthwhile one to invest in is from Miss Selfridge.

At £52 it is definitely an investment buy. But it will last, it goes with everything and will take you well into ss13 and back into autumn again- the leather jacket will not be out of fashion for a few more seasons yet.

As previously mentioned, I have a lot of love for Hollister, and equally, maybe even more love, for it’s cool, girly Australian sister Gilly Hicks. Being a student, a good pair of tracksuit bottems are essential for all areas of life- comfiness is top of the agenda most days. That’s why with the current 50% off sales at both Gilly and Hollister, now is the time to pick up a super pair of snuggly bottoms for a fairly low price.

gilly1My lovely boyfriend has purchased me a pair of these beauties for my birthday next week (under my reccommendation of course).  They were £29.90 and fit like leggings crossed with snuggly pyjama bottoms. I am quite in love with them. It’s a pity I have to wait ten days to receive them as a present. They come in different colours and of course there are the other Gilly sweatpants to nab in the sale at the moment. The ones featured are the ‘super skinny’ variety so if you are more of a slouchy- sweatpant lover rather than a leggings wearer like myself there are the other options of ‘boyfriend’, ‘skinny’ and ‘banded’ bottoms to cover all of your tracky bum needs. Don’t think I can reccommend them enough- I will be living in them next term at Uni! – Except to actually do sport in, they are too snuggly for that.

The third thing I’m going to reccommend investing in is a beauty product. Being a HUGE beauty junkie, I can safely say I’m pretty clued up on what a good lipstick does and what it doesnt. Now, bit of background on this one- normally it’s best to wear lip balm with lipstick ontop- it makes the colour creamy and makes it fade rather than stain then wear off around your mouth in a very unattractive way. Recently, the craze of lipstains has hit me- I currently have the collection 2000 which is fairly basic and not entirely incredible, I suppose considering it was about £3 I should forgive it but oh well..

Anyway. Investment number 3 is  the Revlon Just Bitten Kissable Balm Stain. I have never bought a Revlon product before- being quite revlonupmarket and expensive for us student types. These are currently £5 in Boots so  I thought I’d take the plunge and buy one. I decided on the colour ‘Crush’ and have worn it every day since buying it. It is exactly as it describes- it goes on like a balm and stays like a stain. It is magical. I would be tempted to buy the whole set once I have more cash but currently loving my shade- I’ve been wearing it lightly as a toned down natural pinky colour but if layered on more heavily it would produce a lovely strong pink/purple colour. I love this product and would certainly reccomment the investment. It is probably perfect for a night out- something with staying power that is easily reapplied in club toilets!

Well gentleviewers, I’m afraid that’s it for me for the time being. However, my new years resolution is to get more use out of this blog so I expect I’ll be continuing on this theme very shortly.

Lotsoflove, happy 2013! x

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Oh Hi River Island

Having just advised you NOT  to spend your money on the midseason sales (unless completely necessary of course.), I have spent over an hour, almost two, looking at online sales. And can I just say- River Island is the place to go.

Check these bad boys out.

They are all fifteen pounds and under, and together it comes to something like 96. I want them alllll.

So if you have extra money, go check it out.

byebye, back to making notes on the battle of hastings #livinglarge

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Money saving tip of the day-

Resist the thrawl of mid- season sales.

That is all I’m saying

until tonight when I go to a student lock-in at a local shopping centre and potentially spend all my money.


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Forget Anne Summers. Forget Victoria’s Secret. Forget Boux Avenue.

(Okay don’t forget them but listen here would you? Save them for a time when your purse is a little more buldgey.)

H&M do excellent, excellent lingerie. At really REALLY good prices. I mean it, bra’s for an average of about 15 quid and lovely little nightwear sets for a tenner! Where’s to go wrong? I recently purchased said nightwear set for ten (I actually had a five pound off H&M voucher so it only cost me FIVE), and then found an almost identical set in la senza for £32. I prefer my set. I will now do some googling and try and show you what I mean. I’ll then show you my favourite pieces of lingerie at H&M at the moment. Hope you’re on board.

K, super awkward, they don’t have my set on H&M online, and the la senza site is still being fixed. You’ll have to take my word for it!

Okay, first up is this BASIC t-shirt bra. I know its boring and not sexy but this baby really does create a lovely shape and pushes up a good amount for every day wear. And it’s a complete bargain.

First of all, wouldn’t we all love to look like that? This bra is 12.99- and it has that cheeky low bit for wearing low tops. I love the lace , and of course the price tag.

I want this bra to be mine. Right now. For anyone who has written off balconettes for the big and busty, think again. they are classic and beautiful (especially if you’re planning on taking your clothes off), and if you find the right one, they really do push you UP. ps. this is 12.99. Get it now.

This is a multi way bad boy in four colours that is also lacy. Are you spotting a pattern?

Now I’m not sure about the general consensus is on lace unwired, unpadded bras is among the young, but I know my close friends don’t go near them. But please, try one on. They are comfortable and so so sexy. Find the right one and they’ll hold you in and up as well. Especially good for you lucky busty ladeez out there.

They do loads more- and clearly they don’t put everything they sell online. So, go my young ones, and take a look. You’ll be pleasently surprised, and your overdraft will thank you.


ps, they do do pants too. But everyone knows bras come first. 😉

H&M do some HOT underwear.

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Money Saving Tips- How to use Amazon

I assume we all know that Amazon is the best place to order DVDS, CD’s and Books.

With this assumption I am going to impart some wisdom with you.

(I know this is not at all fashion or beauty related, but us students love our dvds, cds and books.)


number 1:

Create a wishlist. This is an absolute must. This is how you keep track of everything you want in one place, obviously.

2: Seperate your wishlist into sections by ‘creating a new wishlist’ – I have seperate DVDs, Music and Books sections.

Now, here’s the secret

Check your wishlist (s) regularly; Amazon will often drop the prices of items and write in red underneith the title, for exampe: ‘dropped by 4%’. Pay attention to these.

They do NOT  tell you, however, when the prices have been put up.

So, by keeping track of your wishlists you will be able to know when the items you want are at low prices for them.

For example, True Blood Season 3 has been on my wishlist since it’s release. I’ve seen it fluctuate down from about £25- it is now at £15. Obviously, since I have never seen it lower, now would be the time to purchase this particular item. (Sadly, I’m poor, so I can’t).

However, items such as the Harry Potter Full Collection (an essential in everyone’s lives.), started on my wishlist at around £22, but I have seen it fall to £20. It is currently £25, so now obviously is not the time to buy it.


I hope this isn’t all far too obvious for you all, but I thought I’d put it out there incase anyone feels like amazon is a cryptic maze. Instead, think of it as a kind of bargain stock market; you have to purchase when you KNOW it is at it’s lowest.


k im done now.



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Top 10 beauty essentials for Freshaaars

Having recently moved to university (I haven’t been on my blog so long I didn’t actually know the web adress- thanks Freshers Week), I have discovered that I have forgotten some MAJOR beauty staples. So, I have compiled a survival list for all you students out there, so that you know which products you actually need to buy.


This is pretty basic. I put this in here in case any of you are actually stupid.

2.) Shampoo. Ditto above. But make sure to try and buy one that is preferably under about four pounds, and has anti dandruff qualities.

3.) A good hair conditioner.

I brought a ‘Simple’ hair conditioner with me to University, and have been actually quite disapointed. Whereas I usually love the Simple face products, their conditioner hasn’t done anything for my hair. It is thin and quite milky, and my ends are dry and lifeless. A better conditioner is on my shopping list- herbal essences will never let you down.

4.)Dry shampoo.

For those days when you have a hangover, greasy hair and a tired face.

Goes well with a layer of foundation to make you look like you have actually had a few hours sleep at that 9am lecture.

I swear by Batiste- the tropical scented one is  the best!

5.) Nail varnish remover. How stupid do you have to be to forget this? …

yeah its on my shopping list.

For now I am begging off friends and living with my chipped peach nails. Not a good look.

Goes well with:

7.)Cotton Wool buds/ q-tips

(I can’t currently remember the english word for q-tip which is really weird..mental block, but stay with me)

These are so useful, I don’t know why I don’t have any.

8.)Face Wash.

I forgot this also.

My face feels violated.

9.)A loofah.

Despite being one of the best inventions ever, these are fun and actually exfoliate you. Use with a refreshing shower gel in the mornings to scrub off last nights vomit/food/general bodily fluids (oo-er)

10.) Heat protection spray

I cannot live without this. Even though I’m not a big straigtener I like to spray a bit on before drying my hair, it really helps it not to dry in a giant fuzzy ball and protects my hair from the heat…obviously.



Other essentials include really obvious things like shower gel (try a really nice lemon or lime one for a great wake up), toothpaste (DONT buy Macleans unless you love the taste of medicine. Bleh.), toothbrush, handcream, moisturiser….etc. I could go on.

Anyway my beauties, hope you enjoy this, I’m off to finish the job application I began about two hours ago..literally can’t concentrate on it.

Over and out.


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Ok; I’ll be the first to admit I’m a make up addict, but there’s one particular item that I cannot stop myself from buying- lipstick. Now, it’s not like I wear any kind of make up day in day out, I’m quite happy to go out without any on, but theres something about lip colour especially that I love. It might be that my favourite eras in history and my favourite looks include lipstick- I love the twenties, forties and  fifties, and I think a red lip is the ultimate sexy/classy look. So, heres my student- friendly lipstick guide:

1.) Avon. I love avon, for any make up, but especially it’s lipstick. Colourtrend do loads of really good shades, of which I have most, that range from a goldy- beige to dark reds. They’re also cheap, about two or three pounds each, and last a long time.

2.) MUA at Superdrug (Make- Up Academy) do great shades for only £1…

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Tops at Boohoo.com Sale

Browsing the Boohoo Sale I found so many good picks I had to share them here!

Kirsty Tie Dye Halterneck Crop TopPippa Wave Print Chiffon TopSorcha Lace Collar Shell TopCarly Fruit Print Woven TopPippa Open Back Blouse with Crochet CollarLucy Frill Slleeve Top with Sequin Collar

Hi, My name is Louisa and I’m a Shopaholic.

Today has been an expensive day for me. I dug forty pounds into my savings (thank goodness I do alot of overtime) to afford a couple of bargains. I really to relate to any of you out there who identifies with an addiction to shopping- I’m not sure if it’s official but I do LOVE to shop. Boys out there- I pity you for not having the inate feeling of elation after clothes shopping. Sorry, that was a bit general- I mean, anyone who doesn’t love shopping.

So what did I buy?

Bright yellow jeans. No jokes. I’m not a yellow wearer- I have yellowy/ orange hair and I promise you wearing yellow is not a good look with yellow hair and pale skin. Neither is wearing orange, or pink…I’m not bitter or anything. But yes, I bought some yellow jeans from River Island- reduced to fifteen pounds! I love them, they are the perfect ankle grazing length, and the right material for this useless english summer.

I also got a reduced maxi dress in a red pattern (both items are in the photo ) which I think I am actually in love with. It was £25 but I don’t even care, it is my new boyfriend. It has a hole in the back and everything, I have a thing with interesting backs.

Anyway, I’ve vented my post- shopping elation, and now I need to seriously tidy my giant pile of clothes, magazines and books. Or as my family call it, my room.

Ciao xox

ps; Congratulations to Team GB on our golds today; sideburns like Bradley Wiggins’ will never go out of fashion.


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